Why Milk Spills Out On Boiling ?

If you have ever boiled a Milk then definitely you have experienced that if you will be late to off the gas, the Milk will spill out. Have You ever experienced that while boiling the Milk a message arrives on your Mobile and you start replying to your friend, and the milk spills out from containers. Now Your Mom is Angry at You. Have Ever thought why milk spills out while boiling but water doesn’t ? If not then think of it because we are going to answer it.

Milk is a nutrient rich product produced by the mammary glands of mammals. The milk seems to look like a homogeneous mixture but in reality it is a heterogeneous mixture. It is the primary source of nutrition for young mammals.  Milk has a variety of uses in day to day life. 

Water is a homogeneous mixture. Water contains dissolved minerals and some gases. On the other hand milk is a heterogeneous mixture containing fats, protein, sugar and water. 

When water is heated it evaporates and escapes into the air.  When the Milk is heated, proteins and fats get separated. The separated proteins and fats being lighter than the water forms the layer on the surface of the milk. This thin layer is known as the cream. 

Steel and monochromatic study of milk boiling over on a gas hob.

As we all know that when water is heated the water vapours evaporates. In case of milk, the cream layer prevents the water vapours from escaping the container. When Milk is further heated the water vapours builds the pressure to lift the creamy layer. Hence, the Milk spills out. 

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