Tips for Effective Revision


Revision simply means trying to recall the information back wherever required. It involves practice in recalling the information in a useful way. We all want to score good marks in our exams or secure a good rank in a competitive exam so here are few tips for revising effectively.

Before starting revision

1. Eat breakfast


In a study, it is found that 27% of the boys and 39% of girls skip their breakfast some or most of the time. It is the most important meal of the day skipping this meal significantly reduces the attention span and ability to recall. Simply having a cup of milk or some fresh fruits will give the students ability to concentrate on their studies.

2. Keep your mobile away


Smartphones are the obvious distractions but for many of us, it isn’t. They are distracting as they give us FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Evidence shows that students spending most of their time on social media and texting gets lower marks. In another study, it is found that a mere sight of the smartphone is enough to distract you so better keep it far away from your sight.

During revision

3. Spread it out

Athletes don’t train just before their match they train for years. Just like athletes our brain takes time to commit something. Spreading out our revisions like 1 hour a day for 10 days is much better than studying 10 hours on a single day. This technique is known as spacing as it gives time to the brain to forget and re-learn.

4. Don’t listen to music


It is now seen that more and more students bring their headphones in the library. But does listening to music actually help? the so-called “Mozart-effect” suggests that listening to music can enhance your intelligence but this has been widely proven false.

There are more drawbacks than the actual benefits. Students who study in a quiet environment are more tend to recall things easily. While there are some students who have the ability to control their attention while listening to music but this thing doesn’t help them in their studies.

5. Test yourself

Test yourself

Researchers have found out testing yourself timely is the best way to analyze yourself and improve your ability to recall. Testing helps to find out where we are weak and to fill out that gaps. To test yourself you can start off by simply asking a question just after you have prepared some topic or quizzing yourself.

6. Take breaks


You cannot study all day long nor you should. Our revision must be of great quality as well as quantity. Taking breaks after 1 hour of study going outside getting some fresh air helps us to feel fresh and able to concentrate more. Doing a little bit of stretching in the break will be an add-on and you will feel more energetic.

7. Sleep


Before the exam students used to revise a lot and work hard but after some time there is a moment where you need to go to sleep. Sleeping properly at night helps an individual to retain whatever has been learned throughout the day.

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