The Story of Space Pen.

Introduction :

During 1960, when the cold war was at its peak. In the race to create dominance in space, the two counterparts America and the Soviet were investing billions in the space projects. Today we are going to clear one of the myths related to the space pen and will provide you with the true story. So begins with the need for a space pen.

USA and China

Need for Space Pen :

Since our normal pen relies on gravity to work. The gravity pulls the ink down onto the ball so we are able to write. You can try one experiment at home to know why normal pens don’t work without gravity? Try to write on a piece of paper that is stuck to the top of your roof.  The pen will fail to write in this situation because gravity is acting against the direction where you’re trying to write.

Space Pen

The Fake Story:

The story says that after knowing that the normal pen will not work in space. NASA invested billions of dollars to make a pen that can work in space. On the other hand, their counterpart Soviet used the Pencil to write in space in order to save billions of dollars. The story concludes that NASA thinks irreverently more and on the other hand Roscosmos thinks smartly. This story is a myth. 

The True Story :

In the beginning, both organizations were using a pencil to write in space. The first person to think about such a pen that can write in space was the owner of the Fisher Pen Company, Paul C. Fisher. He found the problem of writing in space as an opportunity for his company. 

The Drawback of Using Pencil :

Need For Space Pen

Now, the question arises if we are able to write with the pen in space, then why spend billions of dollars to make a Space Pen? The answer is very simple since the pencil consists of graphite which can break if small pressure is applied while writing. The broken graphite will float in spaceships due to microgravity. The floating graphite can go inside the critical region of spaceships which totally damaged the spacecraft. The graphite lead can also cause damage to the astronauts. If the lead enters the circuit of the spaceship then it will damage the circuit.  To avoid such incidents we invested billions of dollars in Space Pen.

How do Space Pens work?

Space Pen

Fisher invested 1 Million dollars to make a pen that can write in space such pens are known as the space Pens. It was patented in 1965. The space pen can write at any angle. The space pen can work in temperatures ranging from -32 degree Celsius to 121 degree Celsius. The pen uses nitrogen to pressurize the ink to the ballpoint. The ballpoint is made up of tungsten carbide. These pens can write in zero gravity, underwater, over the wet and greasy paper, at any angle. The ink of pens stays solid, the moment the pen changes it to the liquid.  At high temperatures the colour written by the pens changes to green from blue. Both Soviet Union and America bought a pen from the same company, Fisher Pens.

Conclusion :

In today’s world, it is easily accessible to propagate fake stories about anything.  Some people or parties are using fake Stories to achieve their benefits. Hence, In today’s world don’t trust any source of information coming from WhatsApp University. Try to find the true information about anything. Ask your knowledgeable friends or people.  

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