The Green Eggs.

Many People think that since eggs come from the non-veg so it is also a non-veg but did you know that they are right. Eggs are considered non-veg in some countries and veg in some countries. You may have seen an egg with yellow yolk or orange yolk or red yolk but in this article we are going to discuss the eggs with green yolk. Are Eggs with green yolk  Veg eggs ?

In the world of the internet, when A.K. Shihabudheen posted the eggs with green yolk. At first people believed it’s fake but finally after the viral video they came to know that Shihabudheen’s images are not fake. After the viral video, Shihabudheen and his hens became popular in Kerala and after this article may be in the whole country. 

Shihabudheen Said that Nine months ago he noticed that one of his hens laid an egg with green yolk. At first Shihabudheen and his family thought the egg was of poor quality.  They left the eggs and finally the eggs hatch and hens came out of them. Interestingly the new hens are also laying the eggs with green yolks. When they found that that chicken hatched from the green eggs then they started eating green eggs. 

Shihabudheen lives in othukkungal, Malappuram, Kerala. At Present he has six hens who lay eggs with green yolk. After he got popular, many people contacted him to buy those eggs and hens. Some are even ready to pay lakhs of Rupees. Shihabudheen said the green eggs taste the same as normal eggs.

Now Scientists are studying why these hens lay green eggs. Recently, scientists from the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) launched a study on the special hens and the eggs. These studies will take some more weeks. After the study the eggs will be available for the sales if found safe.

Some scientists said that the color of the yolk depends on the feed of hens. The different colors of yolks like red, yellow or orange depend on the consumption of hens. Shihabudheen said He gave green leaves, wheat, rice,etc to his hens as food. 

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