J. K. Rowling : World’s Richest Author.

J. K. RowlingFrom rags to riches, from getting rejected from oxford to being the best-selling author in human history Joanne Rowling, or popularly known by her pen name J. K. Rowling is the richest author of all time. The famous British author has written the best-selling book series of all time ”HARRY POTTER” which is also the basis of the film. She also writes crime fiction under the pen name Robert Galbraith. Forbes mentioned her as the world’s first billionaire author which she denied and said that she was not a billionaire. The 2020 Sunday Times Rich List estimated her net worth to be £795 million.

Days before Success.

Rowling used to write fantasy stories from a young age. She use to read those to her younger sister. As a teenager, she was a fan of Jessica Miltford. Jessica was a Heroine for Rowling and she read all her books. Her school teacher described her as not so intelligent but as a girl who was bright and good in English. Rowling had quite unhappy teenage years as her mother was always ill due to multiple sclerosis and had  bad relations with her father.

The idea of writing Harry Potter stuck in her mind when she was supposed to board a train to london that was running four hours late. Many of the characters in this book series are inspired by the people Rowling meets in her life. After her failed marriage Rowling moved to her sister’s home and started living on benefits of government. Seven years after graduating from college she considered herself as a failure with a failed marriage and a dependent child. She was diagnosed with clinical depression which inspired the character of Dementors that appeared in the third sequel of the book. Her manuscript was rejected by twelve publishing houses. Bloomsbury a publishing house in London finally published her book in 1996 . Although the editor suggested Rowling to take a day job as he thought the book had a very little chance of making money.  

The Mystery behind her pen name.

Although Rowling don’t have a middle name and did not published her very first book under her original name, but as J. K. Rowling  suggested her publisher anticipating that the target audience would not read a book woman authored. The K(Kathleen) in her middle was from her paternal grandmother

Harry Potter book by J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter

J. K. Rowling as a brand.

Today the Harry Potter franchise is estimated to be valued at over 15 billion USD worldwide and the last four books have set consecutively record for fastest selling book in History. J. K. Rowling is the only author to win smarties book prize 3 times in row for first 3 Harry Potter books. In 2013 Rowling published the book “Cuckoo’s Calling” as a debut novel under the pen name Robert Galbairth initially 500 copies of books were sold. Later Richard Brooks, arts editor of “The Sunday Times” doing his own investigation discovered similarities in writings of this novel with J. K. Rowling’s novels he subsequently contacted Rowling’s agent who confirmed that Robert Galbraith is her pseudonym. Within days of Rowling being revealed as author the sale rose by 4000% and ‘Little Brown’ printed 140,000 to meet the increasing demand.

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