How Does Coronavirus Vaccine Work ?

Introduction :

The whole world is witnessing a pandemic whether in the name of the second wave of coronavirus or in the name of the third wave of coronavirus. Day by day the rates of infection and deaths are increasing tremendously. It’s been more than 1 year since we are facing this pandemic. To have a look at its origin and history Read the article “The Timeline of Coronavirus”  On the other hand we have good news that we succeeded in making vaccines that are not 100% efficient but can save lives. 

As we all know that the coronavirus vaccine will be available for people above 18 years old from 1 May 2021. But We live in a world where technology is so advanced and people are experts in giving their opinions without having knowledge related to it. They spread their rumours through WhatsApp University and other Social Media platforms. Hence, there are many rumours related to the covid Vaccine among the people. So today We are going to explain how the Coronavirus Vaccine Works. 

Coronavirus Vaccine
Corona virus

In order to understand how vaccines work first we have to know how our enemy (coronavirus) infects us. Be with us and we will explain how the Virus spreads ? How does our immune system respond to the virus? Why does this Virus only spread through respiration? What are the risk factors of Vaccination ? And definitely how the vaccine Works ? Why Does the Breathing Problem Arise ?

Coronavirus Profile :

Coronavirus disease or official COVID-19 Virus is an infectious disease caused by the coronavirus.  The Symptoms of the disease are 

Most common symptoms: fever,dry cough, tiredness

Less common symptoms: aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, headache,etc 

Serious symptoms: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement

Structure : 

Coronavirus are spherical in shape and consist of two parts. The part which protrudes (expands as a needle from their surface) from their surface is called a spike. The spike is made up of Proteins. The other part consists of a RNA, which is closed inside the sphere. The RNA consists of information about making its own copy.

Aim : 

The main aim of the coronavirus is to enter into the human cell and make its own billions copies. Now, Questions arise then why it doesn’t enter through the cells of hands, legs,face, etc. We all know everything in our body is made of cells. Keep Patient, We will answer it.

How Coronavirus Spreads?

If someone coughs then from their mouth and nose approximately 3000 droplets come out. In case of sneezing the number of droplets is 40,000. If a person is infected then each droplet of saliva consists of 20 Lakhs of Coronavirus. The droplets travel with high speed and reach upto 1 m of distance. That’s why you are advised to make a social distance. 

Man with protective face mask gesturing stop sign with the hand. Concept of viral infection – Coronavirus epidemic.

These droplets if not come directly in your contact then there is another way. These droplets carrying viruses can stay on the tables, Plastic, and surface around the infected people. If you touch such a surface with your hands and after that you touch your mouth or nose then Virus will enter into your body.

Why does this Virus only spread through respiration?

Spread of Coronavirus
3D Rendering,COVID-19 virus infection of human lungs

The human body is made up of approximately 37 lakhs of cells. Your hands, Brain, heart, etc are all made of cells. Then why does coronavirus only spread through the mouth and nose? The cell has a semi-permeable membrane which allows only selected things to enter the cells. Hence, Coronavirus doesn’t spread through the cells of the brain,hands,legs, and other parts of the body.

Respiratory System :

Human Respiratory System

The respiratory system consists of a windpipe that goes on dividing into branches before reaching the lungs. These divided branches are bronchi. These bronchi go on further dividing to form bronchioles. The edges of the bronchioles consist of alveoli, these alveoli are covered with the blood capillaries. In Alveoli oxygen is exchanged with carbon dioxide, this carbon dioxide is carried by the blood capillaries and oxygen is observed by the blood capillaries. After that, the oxygen is supplied to the various parts of the body.

How Coronavirus Enters the Cells?

As we all the body is made up of cells, therefore the alveoli are also made of cells. The alveolar cells also have a semi-permeable membrane. Therefore, coronavirus cannot enter the cells directly but alveolar cells also have ACE 2 receptors. These ACE 2 Receptors are similar to the spike protein of coronavirus. The coronavirus will stick to these ACE 2 Receptors and enter the cells.

Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus Making Its Own Copies?

Coronavirus COVID-19 computer generated image.

In cells, there are ribosomes that make copies of proteins. After entering the cell, the coronavirus replicates the proteins from the ribosomes and starts making its own copy.

Why Quarantine for 15 Days?

Indian Labourers work on train coaches that will be used as temporary isolation wards in preparation for coronavirus-infected patients during a government-imposed nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus, at a workshop in Ajmer, Rajasthan, India on April 5, 2020. (Photo by STR/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Our own cell will make copies of the coronavirus, after that the cell will be destroyed. This process can take up to 2 to 12 days. That’s why we have a 15 days Quarantine. After the cell will burst then we will come to know that the person is affected. Up to this time, these infected patients will spread the coronavirus to many people.

Why Does the Breathing Problem Arise?

Coronavirus Symptoms
Patient in respiratory assistance, intensive care. (Photo by: Amandine Wanert/BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

As we explained, how oxygen exchanges with the carbon dioxide in alveoli. There are only one place alveoli where oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange takes place. Corona attacks cells of alveoli which result in the destruction of cells, creating pus in the alveoli. Therefore, these pus creates difficulty in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. 

The Response of Immune System :

Immune System :

The instant cells will burst and our immune system will start fighting with the coronavirus. Our immune system will create a hostile environment to kill the Viruses. Hence, We experience a fever.

Advance Immune Systems :

On one hand, the Immune System is killing coronavirus and on the other hand coronavirus is making its copy.  Therefore, the effect will be nullified. Hence, the advanced immune system comes into the picture. 

Covid 19

The advanced immune or adaptive immune System will start creating antibodies. These antibodies will stick to the spike proteins of the coronavirus. Therefore, coronavirus will not be able to enter the cells by sticking on the ACE 2 Receptors. Hence, It will not be able to make its own copies. 

The Role of Macrophages :

What will happen to the Coronavirus Which already exists ?

Virus vaccine and flu or coronavirus medical fight disease control as a doctor fighting a group of contagious pathogen cells as a health care metaphor for researching a cure with 3D illustration elements.

As the antibodies will attach to the Coronavirus, the macrophages will get activated.  Macrophages are White Blood Cells that are part of the immune system. These Macrophages will swallow the coronavirus. 

If your immune system can make antibodies then why doesn’t it make for the first virus ?

The answer is very simple, the antibodies are made by the adaptive immune system. Therefore, it will adapt after the virus starts its process. The scientific answer is that it takes time to make antibodies.  Firstly our immune system will study the spike protein of the coronavirus then it will make the antibodies. 

Why Do Young People Recover More Than Old Ones?

The Immune System of old peoples is weak as compared to the Young Peoples. Here, weak immune systems doesn’t mean that they are unable to create antibodies. It means the immune system of old patients are not able to create the antibodies as required. Hence, they die.

How Does Coronavirus Vaccine Work?

After studying the virus, scientists came to know that coronavirus contains RNA. They made the RNA of coronavirus weak by using chemicals. This weak RNA is similar to that of the coronavirus RNA. In simple terms, they created a duplicate coronavirus. The vaccines consist of the duplicate coronavirus with some chemical to increase the production of antibodies. If this vaccine is injected into your body, it will create similar effects as created by the coronavirus. But it is not a real coronavirus. 

In this photo illustration a bottle of Covid-19 coronavirus Vaccine is seen

In response to this m-RNA vaccine, our immune System will create the antibodies. This vaccination process will train our immune system how to respond to such viruses. Hence, if real coronavirus will enter your body then the antibodies will block the spikes of the coronavirus. Hence, it will not enter your cells and you are safe.

World’s Vaccine :


The Americas Pfizer Vaccine, Russian Sputnik Vaccine, UN’s NOVAVAX and the AstraZeneca of Oxford University worked on the above principle in which a duplicate coronavirus is injected to train the immune System. In India, AstraZeneca is known as the Covidshield.

India’s Vaccine :


Since We Indian are Jugadoo People (Makeshifter or hack) we don’t  do Magajmari (a work that involves a lot of brain exertion) of creating a duplicate RNA of coronavirus. We thinked out of the box and weakened the coronavirus. These weakened coronaviruses can’t harm anyone.  In vaccines, we used weakened coronavirus instead of duplicate RNA of coronavirus. We are using original coronavirus which won’t harm because it is weakened by the chemicals. The name of the Indian Vaccine is COVAXIN. Here, real coronavirus is used to train the immune system. 

Why Vaccine is not Given to Corona Positive People?

Vaccines train your immune System. The vaccines created similar environments created by the coronavirus in order to train the advanced immune system.  If a vaccine is given to the patient with covid positive then it will create a problem for the patient. 

Risks Factors?

Risk Factors Speedometer Danger Words 3d Illustration

All vaccines are good to train your immune system. The reports of blood clotting had been reported for the AstraZeneca vaccine after that some countries stopped using it for precautions. According to European Medicine Agency (EMA), the risk of blood for AstraZeneca is 1 out of 100,000. According to British Health Regulator, the risk is 1 out of 250,000. Means in 250,000 people,  maybe in 1 person blood clotting can occur.  

The risk of dying in a road accident is 1 out of 500. The risk of dying by drowning is 1 out of 1000. That means taking a vaccine is 200 times safer than driving a car. Till now,  We haven’t found any side effects in other vaccines like Covaxin, Pfizer, etc.

Why People Get Infected With Coronavirus Even After Taking The Vaccine?

Coronavirus Vaccine
Latin descent doctor or healthcare worker, consultation with senior adult patient in office, hospital, or clinic setting. He give patient vaccine or medicine injection. Both wear protective face masks. Coronavirus, medical exam, consultation.

Vaccines take time to show their effects and you have to take both vaccines for proper safety. There are also people who have taken both doses get infected. The answer is very simple: the vaccines are not 100% effective but you will take both the doses of the vaccine then your risks for hospitalization and deaths becomes zero. 

Conclusion :

I think after reading the article, you know how vaccines work. You also come to know that vaccines(AstraZeneca) are 200 times safer than driving a car or bike on the roads. Till now we haven’t reported any side effects of other vaccines. So in a world full of rumours, share this article with your friends and family members and encourage people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.  We will request the people who have taken the vaccine, please comment below that you have taken the vaccine and you’re safe. Maybe your one comment can motivate someone. 

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